University open days – How to attract new students

Deciding on which University to attend is not easy – and its one that all students should not take lightly.…

By Andy Thomas


Deciding on which University to attend is not easy – and its one that all students should not take lightly. Whether they are applying for an undergraduate or postgraduate course, many students will carry out plenty of research before deciding on which University will suit them the best.

Attending University is not just about choosing the right course for students, it is also important for prospecting students to find out about the facilities your university offers. These can include the library, the student union, and the halls of residence. Open Days are the ideal way for students to explore a range of universities and what they have to offer.

So, What Can Universities do to Attract Prospecting Students?

There are so many ways in which universities can attract new students. It starts with understanding the student demand. Institutions should use market research to form a clear picture of which degree, skill and industries are of most interest to their prospective students and showcase their credentials in these areas. The most effective way to showcase what the university has to offer to these prospective students is through University Open Days. This is the perfect way to show off the facilities at your university. A state of the art facility will be the best marketing tool to hook these students.

The new generation of students is looking for a place where they can collaborate on group projects, places where they can carry out individual studies and an environment where they can be more agile. These facilities should be supported with I.T resources that help make working on their last-minute deadlines easier! A good example could be a group working ‘pod’ with provisions to connect their laptops/charge their phones, comfy seating, wi-fi throughout or the integration tablets. These are small details but often make the biggest impact.

Similarly, old and worn out facilities can deter students, universities should think seriously about refurbishment to add form and function. We have worked extensively in the Education Industry with the likes of Southampton Solent University, Oxford Mathematical Institute, National Graphene Institute and much more.

Our work with AECC University College in Bournemouth helped renovate the learning centre with additional two new study pods where students can work in groups; with plenty of desk space, perfect integration of technology, comfy seating areas and a self-service kiosk. This new environment provides everything the students need to unlock their potential.

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