Size (sq ft):
12,000 sq ft
Design & Build
14 weeks

A vision for the future

AXIS House was commissioned by a global firm to revitalize their office, addressing a decade’s wear and evolving team dynamics. The redesign focused on creating an engaging, wellness-oriented space, incorporating biophilic elements and WELL Design standards for enhanced employee well-being.

The upgrade included spacious kitchen and lounge areas for the 150-strong staff, alongside diverse work zones—open desks, team areas, private rooms, and executive offices—all within a strict 16-week deadline. The goal: a post-pandemic workplace that fosters connection and collaboration.

Stay versus go

A key challenge in the project was navigating the all-too-common “stay versus go” dilemma – a common conundrum that stirs considerable debate in corporate renovation projects.

This decision, laden with strategic implications, often hinges on weighing the sentimental and historical ties to an existing location against the allure of a fresh start in a new space.

  In this instance, the decision to renovate rather than relocate was not taken lightly. It involved extensive consultations and deep reflection on the part of the client’s leadership team. The existing infrastructure, despite its age, possessed untapped potential that, with thoughtful design, could be created into a state-of-the-art workplace capable of supporting the next generation of innovation and growth.

Changing spaces

The primary challenge facing our client was the office’s limited size and outdated design, which had become increasingly problematic as the company expanded. Originally built for a smaller workforce, the office was now hosting around 100 employees spread across two business units, including a team recently formed from a merger. The space, with its closed-off and partitioned layout, was stifling the dynamic and modern work environment the client envisioned.

The solution

The project started off with a comprehensive consultation with department heads to tailor the design to their specific visions and requirements.

The redesign focused on the first floor and a previously under used mezzanine area, turning them into vibrant, functional space equipped with modern amenities.


“It’s enabled our wider team to be more collaborative. People are more communicative, and the investment has been great for mental health and well-being. We are just at the beginning of what we can do with this space. There is so much we can do to adapt, learn and grow.”
Change & Transformation Manager

Biophilic design

Our WELL Accredited designers incorporated extensive biophilic elements to connect the indoor environment with the natural world.

This approach significantly improves air quality, increases natural light, and introduces visual and physical elements of nature into the workspace. Plant installations, natural wood finishes, alongside other biophilic design elements were strategically implemented to reduce stress, improve cognitive function, and create an engaging atmosphere.

WELL design standards

The project adhered to WELL Design standards, which focus on seven core concepts of building performance: air, water, nourishment, light, fitness, comfort, and mind.

Our design ensured that each aspect was used to improve health and well-being, including unique features such as light tunnels to ensure light flowed into the space.

High-performance filtration systems were installed to improve air quality, and ergonomic furniture and strategically placed green spaces were used to increase comfort and reduce physical strain.

Results: exceeding expectations

The redesigned break-out area has become a central hub for daily interactions and significantly boosting workplace satisfaction. This area, once a point of congestion and discomfort, is now a spacious, inviting space that employees enjoy using for casual meetings and collaborative work.

The redesign facilitated an increase in spontaneous, face-to-face interactions which are vital for creating a strong team spirit and collaborative culture.

Redefining workspaces for tomorrow

“We’re 200% satisfied with the project outcome. People used to go out for coffee, but now they want to come in, to walk and talk together rather than send an email.”

Our thoughtful redesign has made a significant impact on employee retention by demonstrating the company’s commitment to the team’s well-being and professional needs.

The office now features a ‘Wall of Fame’ celebrating employee success and long service, and amenities like a much-improved coffee machine and shared meals, making it a place where staff genuinely enjoys spending time.

“The amount of people that have commented on this site has been a lot! They love it”.

The office space now embodies the company’s values, facilitating growth, learning, and adaptation.

With the introduction of features like light, airy offices with glass partitions, named pods for privacy, and sensor-controlled lighting, the office is more than a place to work – it’s a space to thrive!


AXIS House is a commercial fit-out specialist. With a track record building in the delivery of human-centric workspaces, our expert team will help bring your space to life.

Contact us now to discuss your next project, or to book a free site review and consultation.


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