Nimsdai & Elite Exped


Size (sq ft):
Elite Exped
Design & Build
6 weeks

The Expedition Nerve Hub

Nirmal Purja MBE, more commonly known as Nimsdai, is one of the most respected and accomplished climbers the world has ever seen.

Star of the recent Netflix documentary ’14 Peaks: Nothing is Impossible’, Nimsdai is the fastest man to ever successfully summit all 14 of the world’s 8000m peaks. After a distinguished 16-year military career, spending 6 years in the world-renowned Ghurkha regiment and 10 in the UK Special Forces, he has already accumulated an impressive range of record-breaking climbs. For someone who has quite literally been on top of the world, creating an office space to inspire him and his employees was no mean feat for the AXIS House team. Nimsdai now runs expeditions on the world’s toughest mountains, helping those who need expert guidance to reach the pinnacle of human physical achievement.

With his dedicated team and impeccable safety record, the dual operations are coordinated from this office, which acts as the central nerve hub for the expeditions. They prepare for climbs, liaise with base camp, and maintain an emergency communication line while tackling some of the harshest terrains on the planet.

The Peak of Office Design

The chic, dark design incorporates the Elite Exped branding, with various feature walls containing some incredible shots of Nims and his team on various climbs. Communal spaces allow for collaborative expedition planning and encourages team building – an essential component to a successful climb.

Other walls are enhanced with some of the many inspirational quotes from the man himself, including his most famous – “always a little higher”. The state-of-the-art design offers the motivation and stimulation required for such extraordinary individuals and promotes confidence in the teams’ ability to achieve these feats safely and, of course, quickly.

Reused, repurposed and recycled materials were used wherever possible to align with Nimsdai’s values as an advocate for protecting the natural world.

Nimsdai has a large social media following, and he regularly updates fans with messages and videos. He wanted the space to reflect his achievements and his future goals to make it the perfect area for filming these updates. He also offers merchandise and branded climbing-wear, and the online shop is run from the new, inspiring space.

The walls of the office are decorated with images of the peaks Nimsdai has conquered. For someone who spends so much time among these harsh but beautiful landscapes, it was important to help Nimsdai and his whole team feel at home amongst the mountains while in the comfort of their new office.

Nimsdai has always been an advocate for sustainability. With projects like the Big Mountain Clean-up. Nims has made an incredible commitment to restoring, respecting, and protecting the stunning landscapes he scales. It was an honour to work alongside such an iconic figure whose sustainable values align with our own.


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