How can AXIS House make your business more sustainable?

Sustainability is becoming an essential consideration for businesses

By Andy Thomas


Sustainability is becoming an essential consideration for businesses of all sizes and industries as consumers become more environmentally conscious.

At AXIS House, we are committed to designing sustainable office spaces that not only benefit the environment but also promote productivity and wellbeing among employees. Through the use of sustainable materials, energy-efficient lighting and temperature control systems, and other eco-friendly design elements, we can help businesses reduce their carbon footprint and create a workspace that aligns with their sustainability values.


One of the core elements of creating a sustainable office space is ensuring energy is sourced and used in an environmentally conscious way. According to ETL criteria, installing energy-efficient lighting in general office areas with a wattage of less than 11w/m2 is suitable for a sustainable workspace. Installing lights that are controlled via sensors, dimmer switches and last man out switches can help to make sure only necessary energy is consumed. Incorporating natural light wherever possible can also go a long way to reducing energy usage. As well as helping the body produce vitamin D, natural light has been proven to boost productivity when incorporated into a working environment.


As your new office takes shape, it’s important to consider the environmental impact of the materials used in its construction. Timber is an excellent material and can help to achieve some aesthetically beautiful designs – but sourcing it sustainably is essential to make your space truly sustainable. Using reclaimed wood sourced from old building works is a great way to minimise the effect your office’s construction has on the planet. Along with recycled timber, it’s one of the most effective methods to ensure your materials have as little an impact on the planet as possible. It is always good practice to ensure all timber is FSC certified so you can be sure the material is sustainably sourced. Any recycled, repurposed or sustainable materials like cork, mycelium leather and algae-based bioplastics will be positive additions to your sustainable office space. All our suppliers create their products in a sustainable fashion. With furniture produced from recycled wool, repurposed and recycled carpet tiles, and low-VOC materials used in acoustic features, we source eco-friendly products from sustainably run businesses to ensure each project we undertake has the smallest impact on the environment possible.


Environmental waste management is essential both during your office’s construction and in day-to-day use. Instead of simply throwing any waste construction materials in a skip to be shipped off to landfill, AXIS House repurposes these materials wherever possible. Whether that involves recycling, repurposing or diverting from landfill sites, it’s important to make every effort to minimise the impact of waste. During the fit-out process for our new showcase office, AXIS House ensured that 100% of waste carpet, hard flooring, timber, and ceilings was either recycled, reused or diverted from landfill.


Managing water consumption is integral to maintaining a sustainable workspace. In order to guarantee water is being used efficiently, toilets should have an effective flush volume of 4.5 litres or less, while taps should be limited to 6 litres per minute. Automatic shut-off taps and spray taps are another good addition to your office facilities to make sure your water usage is as efficient as possible.


A commonly overlooked area of sustainability. While it’s important to consider the environmental effects your office can have, it is equally essential to make sure your employees’ wellbeing is sustainable. Ensuring ventilation rates are at or above 12 litres per second can help to provide a healthy working environment for your staff. Also, installing occupant controls for various areas of your office space can help your staff to feel more comfortable while at work. According to experts, a 2% change in a thermostat can lead to a 10% loss in productivity – proving just how essential it is to maintain a comfortable temperature in an office environment.

Sustainable starts with us

In addition to our commitment to sustainable office design and fit-out, we have made significant strides in reducing our own environmental impact as a business. Our brand-new office achieved the SKA Gold Rating for sustainability, a prestigious certification that assesses a set of sustainability criteria that include energy efficiency, waste management, renewable materials, wellbeing and more. The assessment process involves identifying measures in scope before gathering evidence to prove that what had been specified has been delivered. It is a rigorous process, and we are proud to have achieved the highest standard of a gold rating. By leading by example, we hope to inspire other businesses to prioritise sustainability and do their part to create a greener future for all. If you’d like to know more about sustainable office design and how AXIS House can help you and your business achieve your dream space in an environmentally conscious way, call us on 01425 481 980. Alternatively, you can send our team an email at or head to our contact page.

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