Design your office for a multi-generational workforce

By 2022, most companies will have four or five generations working side by side. These are individuals often with fundamentally…

By Andy Thomas


By 2022, most companies will have four or five generations working side by side. These are individuals often with fundamentally different experiences that can lead them to communicate differently, and value different things in the workplace. How can you design your office to best facilitate a multi-generational workforce?

Organisations must find a way to integrate people from different age groups to form cohesive teams. This is where the older generation of employees are able to add extensive experience and younger generation provide newer skillset and techniques. Integration of multi-generational workforce can be achieved through innovative office design.

Incorporation Of Technology

Sensor technology could produce happier and healthy employees according to a recent white paper from Haworth. These sensors will be able to identify environmental needs and adjust them automatically to provide a more pleasant workspace for all. For the older generation this may be a totally new concept, however earlier versions of this technologies are surfacing all in companies like Facebook, Google, Microsoft etc. Other aspects of technology may include the simplification IT, so it is easily understood by all. Things like smartboards is a great for collaborating together.

New Layouts

We are moving away from a time where traditional offices consisted of rows of desks, separated with partitions that excluded employees to individual working areas. With the rise of the millennial workforce, we are adopting a new approach to desk layout. Many companies are warming to the idea of investing in longer, or even curved and L- shaped desks that can accommodate several employees in a row and encourages team involvement.

Break The Mould

Communal areas such as relaxation areas and booths can boost creativity by encouraging interaction and engagement between multigenerational employees. Flexible work environments are key in sparking innovation for a generation that puts communication above all.

The desire for an organisation to have an emphasis on a healthy lifestyle and appreciation for a balance between work and life is becoming more attractive for older generation with families. Having an outdoor area is a great way of promoting wellbeing in the workplace and also offers variety for employees. By having this feature in your offices, the older generation employees are able to maintain the work- life balance whilst giving the younger generation an agile environment to work in.

How Can We Help?

Achieving a functioning cross generational workplace takes proper industry knowledge and experience. It can be achieved through a bespoke office design that covers all areas from furnishing, convenience, lighting and colour schemes to better involve everyone. Contact Axis House today for more information on how to improve your office design.

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