Redesign your office – 5 things to ask before getting started

So, you’ve decided to redesign your workspace. You’ve found your inspiration, approved the budget and formed a glorious mental image…

By Andy Thomas


So, you’ve decided to redesign your workspace. You’ve found your inspiration, approved the budget and formed a glorious mental image of what your office is going to look and feel like.

Your staff have been surveyed for their opinions, you’re all on the same page and excitement is brewing. However, you won’t be ordering online and carrying out the work yourself; this is going to be the ‘real deal’, with a full redesign and refurbishment from a specialist redesign company that you carefully selected.

Your choice of company will be pivotal to the flow of the project, as well as securing its overall success; but how do you make the right choice and ensure that your contractor meets expectations? Ask the right questions and you’ll find the perfect partner.

Your office redesign company should be upfront, honest and ready to address any concerns you may have – but most importantly, they should want to feel like part of your team (for the length of the project, at least).

Here’s our top five questions to ask your prospective contractor to secure the design and build you need – without going around the houses.

1. Can you expand on our redesign ideas?

After all of your research, you’ll have a good idea of how you want your workplace to look and function. However, you don’t have the experience of numerous office refits under your belt – while the company you choose to use probably will.

The company should be willing to take your idea and let you know about any pitfalls you may not have considered; an entirely open-plan office with no quiet spaces, for example.

They should also be willing to take the time to understand your business and what it wants to achieve. In turn, they can make any recommendations that you may not have considered, either as an addition or substitution to your original plan.

2. Can you ensure the quality of your contractors and products?

Depending on the specification, your office redesign company is likely to a require a specialist workforce to deliver certain aspects of the project – electricians and plumbers, for example.

In addition, your new office furnishings are unlikely to be designed and manufactured by the company who manage the redesign; rather, they will be purchased and fitted as per your requirements.

Your office redesign company should be able to verify that they work with a trusted list of sub-contractors and suppliers, all of which will provide the quality you expect, while being backed by a warranty or guarantee.

3. Can you account for future change?

It’s unlikely that you’d invest in a redesign if you felt your company would see no element of growth or change. Staffing levels can rise and fall, technology will advance and even the nature of your business and employee working habits can shift.

Your office redesign company should be able to provide a design that’s flexible enough to make reasonable adjustments over time, without needing to invest in a new solution a few years down the line.

4. How will you minimise disruption?

Although your staff are likely to be on board with working in an exciting new office, the interim period of having the new design built and fitted can be a source of stress.

What steps will your office redesign company take to make this process easier? Will they only conduct works outside of business hours? Will they take adequate steps to minimise dirt and noise?

Good project management from the redesign company will be essential to ensure that staff don’t become disgruntled during this time of change.

5. What is the timescale for a redesign?

Your office redesign company should be able to offer a reasonable timescale for the project and stick to it.

Delayed work caused by snags in delivery will soon become arduous for your business, with staff morale taking a nosedive and even additional costs becoming a possibility – paying for a longer period in a rented temporary office, for example.

It’s essential that your contractor provides a detailed plan for the work specified, as well as an accurate timescale for how long this will take. Equipped with the answers to these questions, you’ll soon be able to verify that your prospective office design company is up to the task.

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