Reception areas: 3 mistakes you’re making

The reception can often be the crown jewel of the whole building where visitors first impressions are made. You will…

By Andy Thomas


The reception can often be the crown jewel of the whole building where visitors first impressions are made. You will never get a second chance to make a good first impression, so this area is key to showing off your company and reflecting what it is all about.

Whether you are an ad agency, financial institution, hotel, university or a medical practice, your reception space should have as much thought put into it as any other area of the business and creating this great first impression can be a huge contributing factor in winning your dream client, attracting best talent or building the best reputation, yet so many people get it wrong.

No Focal Point

In this case less is more; your reception desk can say a lot about your business, so make sure you keep it tidy, presentable and ensure it is a true reflection of your business. Often not a lot of thought or focus is put into creating this focal point. Arguably the most important thing for your company is to portray professionalism and expertise within your industry.

Lack of Natural Lighting

Light has a big influence on our mood and emotions, often reception areas can be designed with little thought to incorporating natural light. By arranging your furniture to maximise natural light you can bring the outside in, integrating natural finishes, fresh tones and biophilic elements. This also helps utilise space giving visitors clarity. Designers can use soft LED illuminations to create less harsh tones which can be similar to natural light.

Unbalanced Design

Colours are notorious for creating a vibrant and exciting environment and can be perfect for showcasing your corporate identity. Getting these colours right can often be a difficult task where understanding of how colours impact the mind can be the difference between winning and losing. In order to create a great reception area designers must keep in mind corporate colours but also consider the meaning of different colours; i.e. blue and green shades are known to represent calm and imply security, honesty and loyalty.

By using different textures and finishes throughout the reception area, the room can feel more inviting and comfortable. Remember, everything from the quality of your furniture down to the expression on your face will contribute to the all important first impression. Our complete office refurbishment service package is designed to give our clients peace of mind that everything is being looked after by an expert team. Contact us today to find out how we can enhance your building.

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